EDA Planning Grant

General Description
The San Luis Valley has been designated as an Economic Development District since 1984.  We receive EDA Planning Grant funding to assist us in the development, implementation, revision, or replacement of comprehensive economic development strategies (CEDS), promoting innovation, and competitiveness, preparing the valley for growth, and success in the worldwide economy.  With EDA funding, we work toward fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and productivity through infrastructure development, capacity building, and business development in order to attract private capital investments and higher-skill, higher wage jobs to the Valley which continues to  experience substantial and persistent economic distress.

To receive these funds, our planning must:

(a) Be market-based and results driven,
(b) Have strong organizational leadership,
(c) Advances productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship,
(d) Look beyond the immediate economic horizon, anticipates economic changes and diversifies the local and Regional economy, and
(e) Demonstrate a high degree of local commitment. 

2002 CEDS
2007 CEDS

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