United States Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration

2007 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
  Ch. Title Size
    Cover Page 68K
    Acknowledgements 564K
    Table of Contents 131K
  I. Introduction 26K
  II. Planning Organization 66K
  III. Strategy Committee 69K
  IV. Background Information 13K
  A. 2007 Area Description and Development History 2.9M
  B. 2007 Population 220K
  C. 2007 Income and Cost of Living 196K
  D. 2007 Labor, Employment, and Wages 205K
  E. 2007 Education and Training 150K
  F. 2007 Water Resources 1.5M
  G. 2007 Renewable Energy and Potentials 751K
  H. 2007 Land Management Agencies 554K
  I. 2007 Outdoor Recreation and Wildlife 1.4M
  J. 2007 Environment 864K
  K. 2007 Economic Overview 164K
  L. 2007 Agriculture 826K
  M. 2007 Tourism 826K
  N. 2007 Other Industries 705K
  O. 2007 Transportation 1.1M
  P. 2007 Utilities 169K
  Q. 2007 Telecommunications 110K
  R. 2007 Financial Resources 182K
  S. 2007 Public Schools 596K
  T. 2007 Housing 197K
  U. 2007 Health Services 169K
  V. 2007 Safety and Emergency Services 784K
  W. 2007 Recreational and Cultural Facilities 106K
  X. 2007 Community Resources 135K
  Y. 2007 Economic Development Tools 200K
  Z. 2007 Development Partnerships 110K
  V. Summary of Current Economic Conditions 45K
  VI. Development Problems and Opportunities 146K
  VII. CEDS Goals and Objectives 45K
  VIII. Community and Provate Sector Participation 13K
  IX. Strategic Projects and Priorities 94K
  X. 2008 - 2012 Plann of Action 126K
  XI. Plan Integration with with State Development Priorities 23K
  XII. Performance Measures 21K
    Full CEDS Document 15.6M
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