United States Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration

2013 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
  Ch. Title Size
    Cover Page 1.23M
    Acknowledgements 201K
    Table of Contents 110K
  I. Introduction 71K
  II. Planning Organization 142K
  III. Strategy Committee 117K
  IV. Background Information 54K
  A. 2013 Area Description 6.51M
  AA. 2013 Economic Resiliency 117K
  B. 2013 Population 215K
  C. 2013 Income 176K
  D. 2013 Labor, Employment, and Wages 186K
  E. 2013 Education 138K
  F. 2013 Water 2.08M
  G. 2013 Renewable Energy 1.17K
  H. 2013 Land Mgmt Agencies 186K
  I. 2013 Outdoor Rec 5.05M
  J. 2013 Environment 2.41K
  K. 2013 Economy 146K
  L. 2013 Agriculture 178K
  M. 2013 Tourism 2.22M
  N. 2013 Other Industries 2.09K
  O. 2013 Transportation 3.38M
  P. 2013 Utilities 165K
  Q. 2013 Telecommunications 99K
  R. 2013 Financial Resources 179K
  S. 2013 Public Schools 107K
  T. 2013 Housing 159K
  U. 2013 Health Services 135K
  V. 2013 Safety and Emergency Services 4.52M
  W. 2013 Recreational & Cultural Facilities 99K
  X. 2013 Community Resources 86K
  Y. 2013 Economic Development Tools 187K
  Z. 2013 Development Partners 87K
  V. Summary of Economic Conditions 89K
  VI. Analysis of Development Problems 140K
  VII. Goals & Objectives 258K
  VIII. Community & Private Participation 56K
  IX. Performance Measures 58K
    Full CEDS Document 36.3M
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